Saturday, 21 March 2015

Monty Don says...

As part of my gardening education I have been instructed by all and sundry to watch Gardener's World on BBC2 every week. It has after all been on TV for ever, and appears to be a virtual rite of passage for anyone with a bit of outdoor space to mess with. I caught it last night and can definitely see that this was good advice, however it does assume a certain level of gardening knowledge that us newbies may not necessarily possess, but I was able to pick up on the advice that now is a good time time to prune your roses!

I happen to have a couple of roses in the garden. They're a bit scraggy and leggy, and last year were almost permanently covered in aphids and black spots, but maybe if I get to work with the secateurs I can help them make a better show of it this year. Googling the correct method of pruning was tricky as every site had it's own suggestions, however the basic gist seemed to be to GET STUCK IN AND CUT LOADS OFF!

So i've just been out and carried out the attack. Tried my best to make the cuts at the correct angle, but am now slightly worried that i've overdone it and now have 3 dead roses to enjoy for the rest of the summer! Took photos and emailed them to mum who thinks i've done a fine job, i'm not so sure. What do you think?

Bush 1 pre and post massacre
 Bush 2

 Bush 3


Friday, 20 March 2015

Starting Over

It must be at least 6 months since I last posted! The reason? Winter of course! As the dying rays of Autumn deserted my garden I realised that plants and growing were the last thing on my mind: I had a new house to furnish, a new job to get to grips with, and a whole new commute to get my head around. Learnning to garden from scratch was as far down the priority list as it was possible to get.

But I hadn't forgotten. Oh no. As the garden sat there all brown and forlorn I was looking out, imagining, planning and deliberating, and now that the winter darkness is finally lifting I feel i'm ready to start turning my ideas into actions! It will be hard work, there is lots to do and it cannot all be achieved overnight, however i'm feeling ready for the challenge of learning and growing, and hope that in 6 months time i'll be sat enjoying a pina colada and looking over all i've done with satisfaction.

So what are these big plans I hear you say. Watch this space and find out. ..