Thursday, 10 July 2014

And you are??

So, after a few days of getting used to the idea of having an outdoor space, its about time I got out there and figured out what I have to work with. Even my untrained eye can see there are a few plants that may be quite decent, but I'll really have to figure out what they are before deciding which, if any, are worth keeping. 

Starting on the left hand fence. I've discovered 3 yellow rose bushes, such as the one below, which seem to be doing ok.  The other two look to be more climber types, but don't appear to have anything much to climb up (shouldn't they have trellis, wires, or something?)

This I'm guessing is a lily? Certainly a nice pop of colour, but with masses of holes in the leaves appears to be the garden insects favorite nom. I'll have to do something about those wee beasties!

At the head of the garden are two bushes, a palm (?) and behind it some other mystery bush - googling 'plants with green leaves and white edges' gives about 100 suggestions to what it could be, so might take a while to figure out this one. Below these a small bush with boat shaped leaves, will it do anything interesting later in the year?

My final nondescript shrub is this. I'm not sure if those speckled leaves are meant to be there or sign of some terrible plant disease.

So, I possibly have some potential in all the weeds. I'm still not sure where I want to go with this garden so will leave everything in situ for a few months while I work out what I want. In the meantime plants - you'd better start doing something to impress me!

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