Sunday, 6 July 2014

What have I let myself in for?

It seemed such a good idea at the time. "Darling how about we look for a place with a garden?" says my husband. Envisaging a beautiful blooming urban idyll, barbecues with all my friends on hot summer days and romantic dining under the stars - the idea certainly caught my attention whilst sitting in my small central London flat, and now 8 months on here I am, and here it is. The garden. My garden!

Before now the nearest I've been to gardening was a small window box perched high over the streets of West London, but now I have my very own patch of mud and soil, and I have absolutely no idea where to start with it!  

The garden itself is basically ok-ish to my untrained eye, facing south-east and in a reasonable shape,  with a few dog-eared plants in already (left by the previous owner). What these plants are I have no idea, and along with them are lots of weeds, rapidly growing bushes and what I suspect is a very large Leylandii (I think that's what they're called) hedge. Where do I start? Cut the bushes? pull up the weeds? do something about the mangy plants? My mum took one look at this picture and said "go and buy a lawnmower". That's probably a good place to start!

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