Sunday, 5 April 2015

BIG Plans Revealed!

It's easter, and colours are starting to emerge from all the browny green meh :) Bulbs I was given last autumn by well meaning relatives which I randomly stuck in all over the place have sent up sunny daffodils, and the roses I massacred so thoroughly a few weeks ago have new shoots coming out in all directions - so I didn't kill them after all!

But all this is merely an overture to the big changes that are happening in the garden in the next few weeks. First, I have arranged for a tree surgeon/gardening firm to come in and give the large tree that overhangs our garden good cut back. It would have been better to have the whole tree trimmed, but a friendly note to the neighbours asking if we can jointly get the whole thing done together was met with zero response (charming!), so a trim it is. They are also taking almost 2 foot off the leylandii running up the right hand side of the garden, which will allow much more afternoon/evening sun into the garden, and finally they are removing the three shrubs in the top bed that we inherited from the last owners in the top bed.

It had been suggested that we leave the shrubs in place to "see what they do". Nice idea, but frankly, it feels a bit like living with the previous tenants furniture in the house - all their taste but not ours!  The shrubs don't even seem to be very nice anyway. Even the tree surgeon, when visiting, commented "urgh a pyracanthus, they're covered in thorns and are only fit for planting outside prisons!". That along with a sad looking palm thingy and a few other nondescript leafy mehs - I can do a lot better in that bed!

The next big plan is for the side border, and will take place next weekend. Have you heard of 'Garden on a Roll'? It a fab new idea for clueless new gardeners just like me! You decide what style of border you want (cottage garden, low maintenance, shady, etc), send your bed measurements, place your order, and wait. In 2 weeks a big box will arrive with all the plants that will suit your style (actual plants not seeds), with the tools, fertilizer, and a DVD reminding you what to do, as well as a long paper roll, which you spread along the bed showing where each plant is positioned (this is covered by the top soil and biodegrades. Then all you do is sit back, look after and enjoy! No trying to figure out what to buy or making expensive mistakes! The Garden on a Roll arrives next friday, and I cannot wait to get started!

Here's the top bed, a bit sad looking at present.All these shrubs will go..

And the side bed, where the Garden on a Roll will go. I'm digging up all the shrubby things and moving/chucking them, and will position the new flowers around the 3 roses.

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