Thursday, 16 April 2015

Garden on a Roll: Planting! (Part 2)

After a restorative cup of tea and large slice of cake we prepared ourselves to tackle the next stage – the planting! Having bashed down the soil to flatten it out a bit, we unrolled the planting guide paper roll and carefully slid it onto the bed, taking care to cut slots in the back to fit around the roses in situ. We then cut the holes indicated on the roll for the plants, and dug out small pockets underneath each one, putting in a good slosh of water as we did so. We then placed each plant in its hole to get an idea of how it would look - some minor rearrangement was then made by me at the back, deciding that one plant would look better further along the back.

Having argued debated the best way of wetting the plants root bowl we finally settled on a good dunk in a bucket of water then popping each one into place. A final layer of topsoil went down to cover the roll and we were finally done, save for some final patting down and checking that all the plants were nicely settled in their new homes.

As the clock stuck 5pm we were finally able to stand back, exhausted, and admire our handywork. The process took four hours in total and involved some serious physical labour on our part. However the thrill of finally getting some proper plants into our garden made it all worth it!

So what are all these lovely new plants I have to play with? Stay tuned for the next post to find out!

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