Monday, 27 April 2015

More planting decisions

The slug defences are working well! Nothing more has been nommed in my new flowerbed since the homemade cloches went on, and both the Lychnis and the Aster (virtually eaten to death) are making a good recovery. Otherwise I’m out every evening watering and peering at each plant in turn, impatiently waiting for them to grow. 

 From this..........................

 To this.................................

Now that my fence flowerbed is planted up and sorted, it was time to turn my attention to my second flowerbed. Covered in weeds and overgrown lumpen shrubs, I got in some professional gardeners to pull the lot up and leave me with a lovely blank canvas to work on. I can do anything!

However its rapidly become clear that choosing what to plant is no easy task. Whilst the fence bed was super easy – (it was ordered from garden on a roll, so I simply chose the look I wanted and clicked), I now need to make all the decision for the new bed: choose the plants (there are hundreds out there!), decide how many I need, figure out how they grow, how far apart to plant them, what to put next to what, how big they get, how much maintenance they need etc etc. It hasn’t helped that my other half has vastly different ideas to me about what to plant; he favours textural greenery, low maintenance, maybe a dash of white bloom here and there, I prefer a cottagey garden look with riots of colour. Not exactly a meeting of the minds.

In the end I think it will come down to who’s willing to research the plants, measure up, and get the credit card out – i.e. ME! 

Before and after......................

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