Sunday, 17 May 2015

6 weeks in

So my Garden on a Roll has been in approximately 6 weeks now, and things are extremely good. Contrary to my expectations nothing has died, and many are growing fiercely, including the Lavatera, Monarda (now the cats have stopped digging it up) and the Lychnis (now the slugs have stopped eating it). A couple, like the Agapanthus and Potentilla, are doing OK and are growing, albeit at a slower and less spectacular rate. The only real disappointment is the Aster. As avid readers will know this was almost eaten to death when I planted it, and I was placing a home made cloche over it every night. Now it seems to have recovered but doesn't seem to be much bigger than when I first got it.

 And now!

You can just see where the paper roll is poking through. But this doesn't bother me in the slightest as it's keeping the bed largely free of weeds. Result!

That's more than can be said for my second bed, planted up 2 weeks ago. Everything there is getting established so there's nothing much to report on, except for the poor Jasmine, which has sitting doing nothing, and this morning was snapped in half. Oh well, what can you expect for a £1.50 plant from Morrisons?

 I'm still keeping the three Delphiniums I bought in pots, having been sufficiently unnerved by the warnings of other gardeners to not risk planting them out just yet. Maybe in a week or two they (or rather I) will be ready. Think i'll prepare some cloches and slug pubs in preparation.

Speaking of which next week is Chelsea Flower Show week - and i'm going!

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