Saturday, 2 May 2015

More plants!

There's nothing more exciting than arriving home and finding a large box on your doorstep! In my case it arrived after a night out on the town, leading to some late night stumbling from the front door to the garden moving all the plants in, and slightly drunken watering - they couldn't stay there despite my desire to collapse bed!

This morning I was out examining them. They were ordered from, and delivered really quickly (3 days after order). In comparison with the delivery from GardenonaRoll the quality of one or two of the plants were slightly disappointing, with a few brown leaves here and there. More frustratingly the plug plants were not in pots, and I was late for work the following morning as I ran about trying to find pots and compost for them (luckily I had kept a few from the delivery a few weeks ago). Maybe they don't realise that we don't all have time to put them in the ground immediately?

So all plants are not potted up and getting a daily watering before I put them in my newly emptied trellis bed tomorrow. Cant wait! (plant list to follow).


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